1848 2nd Generation Cabernet/Merlot

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1848 2nd Generation Cabernet/Merlot

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In 1848, with the rejuvenation of the Jewish settlement in Jerusalem, Yitzhak Galina-Shor opened the first winery in Israel, in a basement adjunct to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. During the eight generations since its foundation, 1848 Winery continued to grow and gain recognition for its quality wines, re-positioned into several locations, but maintained a tradition of wine production as a way of life. The wine was aged in European oak barrels for 10 months. A crimson color with bright purple hues. Pleasant bouquet of fresh red fruit, green pepper, black berries and vanilla and tobacco in the background due to the contact with the wooden barrel. The wine has freshness and balance, medium body and a long, complex finish. Pair with pasta bolognese, sausages, cold or blue cheese.